100$ For Nothing - Thanks To Google Paid Link Campaign!

I am expecting this to come sooner or later and it seems that the time has come. A great article or story or whateva you wanna call it(hey what about CASE STUDY ) by FANTOMASTER in which he tell about how a blogger got 100$ for nothing..yes literally for nothing.

So the story is.... sometime ago a blogger named as Khamnam Robinsun posted a paid review about Shopzilla at his blog telling all the readers how much cool is this website is..of course for a little sum of money. Then on a sunny bright day Google decalre war against Paid Links and Reviews and against anything that have Paid label with it. Many blogs and websites got hurt in this war and this makes other to think about their paid campaigns. So after thinking (yeah sure they did) over this issue Shopzilla tries to bribe KHAMNAM for removing their paid review and since Khamnam is certainly not a gentle man, he accepts it. So folks he got 100 $ for removing a link from his blog for real.

And not only Khamnam, another female SEO/Blogger named Miche May Lee(why we are crazy about them BTW ) reports that same thing happened to her too.

So after this Fantomaster put a link of Shopzilla over his blog in hope to get some free 100 $. Till now it is unknown whether he got the money for his cute experiment. If he got the money...then All the big fishes... be prepared ..I am next

Here you can read the original article at Fantomaster Blog(LINK )

And here is that lucky chap(LINK)

So... will someone please tell me the big Fishes names and their urls.