Google, PageRank and links to Software

I just woke up and suddenly realised why this site has ZREO PageRank since about 2 weeks ago (it dropped from PR3).

Oh yes, I couldn't just lie in bed - I just felt compelled to remove the offending item, and now that I'm wide awake, I might as well let you all know about this.

Well, when I first got this blog, I changed the template amongst other things. I also added a little panel with an ad. The ad was for a 'SEO Program' that would work with your keywords (generate lists, analyze competitors AdWords, etc) - it was an affiliate link. This was all about a year ago.

Anyway, a while back, about 6 months ago, I noticed that this software's own website had stopped showing Google AdSense. 'Strange...' I thought, '...must have upset Google'. I guess if you looked at the program, then you could find things it did that Google wouldn't have liked. Seeing as the commissions on this product was high, I didn't really worry about it and left the link in.

Then suddenly, about 2 weeks ago BHAM! PageRank ZERO! What on earth? I of course didn't have a clue why that might have happened, and therefore didn't change a thing.

Today I woke up and immediately thought: it is by pointing to a product that upsets Google (remember I said that their AdSense stopped working), that I have put my blog in the Google firing line. Of course you won't get any warnings - you'd better be able to think for yourself about 'things good' and more importantly 'things bad'.

In conclusion, if Google traffic and Google PageRank are important to your website, then you really ought to keep your nose (read 'website') clean - as Google would see 'clean' that is.

Now that I've removed the (what I believe) offending article, I'll hope to get the PageRank back. In a couple of months? Hope so - though sooner would be good.