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TOOL CATEGORY: Searching Google/Research Welcome to Today's .... Monday SEO Tools!

Now you don't need to remeber those especial queies to find something specific in Google. The FindForward Tool aka Uber Engine is a search tool/search engine based on Google APi that allows you to refine results based on whether your search is a question, a file, date related, wether you want blog/non-blog results and many more options. A very kool feature is the search of the Dmoz directory - results are complete with thumbnails of the various sites. Find Forward also includes a nice meta-search feature. Here is the screen shot of Fastforward

Find Forward

Tool URL = FastForward Search Tool


Free .Edu And .Gov Links

Ok so continuing our hunt for .edu and .gov links, What? you wanna know WHY Read here

Importance Of .Edu And .Gov Links
Tips To Get Free .edu And .gov Links

Here is another great way to get some free edu and gov links for your website or blog.

“Your keyword” “powered by wordpress”
“Your keyword “ “powered by vBulletin”\
“Your keyword” “powered by wordpress”
“Your keyword “ “powered by vBulletin”

Via these search queries you can find all blogs powered by wordpress and forums powered by vbullitien, using .edu or .gov domain. You can be creative (yes you can.. cheer up dude) by modifiynf the platform like instead of vbulletin you can use phpbb.

So start testing your searching skills and get your website or blog some Authoritative Link Love. And remember ... DONT SPAM Please.

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Cartoon Time!

Yup SEOz Like Cartoons too

Most Searched Keyword

There are some really kool seo cartoons at seotoons blog. Go take a laugh, you need it man LINK


Monday SEO Tool

TOOL CATEGORY: Blogging / Keyword Research

Ever got stuck in a situation where you are unable to find a topic for your blog? If yes then cheer up, here is a unique yet efective tool to solve your problem.

Its a wiki based tool known as Chain Of Thoughts. All you need to enter a single topic and it will expand the topic in various related sub topics. On clicking a subtopic it will gives you some info about that topic if availablw and if not than that subtopic will expand in more sub topics and so on. Another good hing bout this tool is its availablity in different languages. You can also use this tool in your keyword research. Here is teh screens hot of the tool.

Chain Of Thought

Tool URL = Chain Of Thoughts