Free .edu And .gov Links

Continuing the hunt for .edu links. Here is the 2nd tip to get free edu and gov links. You can read the previous tip here: GET FREE EDU LINK

Type the following query in any search engine to get some .EDU and .GOV links

blog + .gov
blog + .edu

You will get all the blogs that uses either .gov or .edu domain. Read them and if find any relevant blog post, comment on it and put a related url in your comments.

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Future Of Google

Aren't we all concerned about the future of Google? Since Images are more powerful than text (Did someone says Content is king?), thats why presenting you the future of Google in the form of an image. I am pretty sure you all will become more concerned about the issue after viewing this.

Future Of Google


Msn Link: Command Is Live Again!

Reported earlier by SEOROUNDTABLE that finally MSN/ search engine starts showing result for LINK: command to count backlinks in MSN Live Search Engine. Though the operator is a bit different than the previous simple link: command

For a link command you now need to use and for a link domain command you need to use +linkdomain:

Its working at the time of writing this post, so I don't need to give you evidence by providing screen captures, but if you want you can go to seoroundtable where Rusty Brick got some screen shots while using this command.

As for your memory refresher, MSN stops this feature earlier in March thss year cause of mass automated usage. But now its back for us ..the SEOZ.


Monday SEO Tool


This Monday Tool is regarding blogs and fall into the category of Link Building spamming. Since almost all the blogs and websites that accepts content from users are using NOFOLLOW TAG, So putting your website url in such blogs is useless according to some SEOz. Since every problem has a solution, So after searching for a long time, I finally succeeded to find a tool through which I can search all the relevant blogs that are not using NOFOLLOW Tag.

Commenthunt is a blog search tool that allows user to search relevant blogs that are not using NOFOLLOW Tag. Its a custom Google search engine basically and consist of more than 1000 DOFOLLOW blogs of different niches. So to whatever niche your blog is related to, this tool is for you. Instead of wasting your time in commenting on the blogs which uses NOFOLLOW, why not utilize this practice to get some links for your blog! Here is the screen shot of

TOOL URL= Commenthunt Blog Search Engine