The Myth Of NoFollow Tag

Nofollow tag is an automated tag on every blog now and almost on all sites too that accepts user suggestion as comments or via guest book. So what is this tag and what's its purpose?


According To Wikipedia (Yeah wikipedia knows SEO too)
"nofollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index."

According To Google
"When Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results."

nofollow tag look like this

Many webmaster and SEO's believe the wikipedia and Google definition for nofollow tag that is nofollow tag effects a site ranking in Google Search Results. In many seo and webmaster forums we have seen a lot of debate on this issue, which always result in two conclusion. One is of course according to google point of view, that nofollow effect ranking position. But there is also some SEO who believe in somethin else. According to them NOFOLLOW only effects pagerank of a webpage and not ranking.

According to those SEO's
"The new nofollow link tag is supposed to provide webmasters with the opportunity to add a link to their website without leaking PageRank to the page they are linking to."
According to PageRank Theory
All links on a page which have some page rank got equally divided part of that pagerank to them too. This phenomena also known as Page Rank Dilution.
Here is a complete info about Page Rank: Google Page Rank

For example If a page has 4 page rank. And it contains 10 links on it of other websites than these 10 links get equally divide Page Rank Love from that page. This will increase the page rank points of those 10 pages, have their links on that page.

So what is the reality? Which theory is true and which one is false?

And yes! you may not believe it but 2nd theory is true.

It has been experimented by ME (OK I am not giving you any single detail of those experiments for the obvious reason, but sharing with you the proven result. So still I am good) and many other SEO'z too that link with nofollow tag doesn't affect a web page ranking. In fact it may count as a normal link and play its role in enhancing your ranking as number of links increases.

And since nobody caring a damn about Page Rank now days except Google itself, so these nofollow tags are pretty USELESS. For prove, you can analyze backlinks of some sites on 1st page of google and amazed to find that many of them have their links from blogs using nofollow tag. May be you can't see them for highly targeted keywords but remember Google is sorting out result manually for those keywords. Giving you a little common sense hint that if a page has 5 page rank with 100 links pointing to it from other blogs and you have a nofollow link of your website on that page, what do you think your link worth? Or lets have a fun experiment...Find an .edu blog and comment on some post of it. In NAME section put your keyword or simply put your web page url in comment. Since all blogs have nofollow tags installed automatically, so your this link is a nofollow link. After some days you can see this link as your edu backlink and an increase in your website authority.

So I am not advising you to do spam blogs via comments, but to acknowledge you that nofollow tag is only a myth and it doesn't negatively effect your ranking or its only a myth that a link with nofollow tag have no benefit.

So! Happy commenting.

P.S. In upcoming days I will surely post on importance of .edu and .gov links and how to get them. So better subscribe to RSS cause you certainly don't want to be the one left behind.


Free Ways To Increase Blog/Site Visitors

To increase your site ranking or visitors, you have two options.

  1. Pay someone else to do that
  2. Consume Time
But you don’t always need money to increase your website visibility, ranking and visitors; which results in increase in your conversion. There are many free ways to do that. Here is a list of some highly effective free ways to increase your site ranking and visitors.

Increase visitors with SEO

1) Submit Your Site to Directories Directory submission is still means a lot in any link building campaign. Submit your website to quality directories. Here is a detailed article about Directory Submission Tips

2) Request Reciprocal Links Reciprocal linking is a good way to promote your site and its free ;). Make a page on your website or blog offering link exchange service. Remember these key points when doing Link Exchange.

• Always link exchange with sites that are related to your site market.
• Consider the amount of links on the page where your link will be placed
• Number of clicks from homepage to access the page where your link is.
• Use different Titles for link exchange
• Use your internal pages too for link exchange.
• See the site basic data in Google - Index page and Inlinks

Here is a more detailed article on How to get Link Partners: Link Exchange.

3) Write Articles For Others to Use In Their Newsletters
This is a good way to increase visibility of your site. Send your article to different sites and ask them to use it in your news letter and in return ask to remain your link in content.

4) Write Blog
This is the best way to increase your site ranking and visibility. Make a blog and cover all the news related to your industry. You don’t need to always create new content for it. You can use any news related to your market in your blog from other sources and give a link of actuals source in end(with some useless phrase). You have to just blog regularly which ends up in a great link-pot for your main site.

5) Press Releases Whenever you write an article or introduce a new service, announce it via free press release service.

6) Offer Something Free
This is the best thing to increase your site backlinks and visitors at a same time. Offer some free tool, tutorial or service related to your industry. Make a buzz of it through Press Release and social media sites.

7) Forum Participation
Participate in Forums and put your site url in your signature. Don’t spam forums.

8) Submit Your Article In Article Directories Submit your articles in article directories like Ezinearticle. Put 2 to 3 links to your site anchored on your major keywords. Here is the detailed article about keyword suggestion and Analyze.

9) Social Network Sites Participate in social media sites, like Digg, Delecious, Yahoo Answers

10) Submit Your RSS Feed in RSS Directories

11) Use Signature In Email

Always include your website url in signature when sending an email.

Any other free way you know??? Tell us.