Google PageRank Update April/May 2008

Google has just danced its dance!

Yep, in the last week, I have noticed that some sites have a revised PageRank. I'm not sure what it is called though - most of these have names, like 'Big Daddy'.

How do I know about the PageRank update? Well, we keep a weekly record of our PageRank, so we were please to see some of our efforts show through a better PageRank.

But while we are reasonably happy, I see others are wondering what hit them (or rather what didn't)! See: Mostly, I suspect that webmasters will make positive noises.

But what's the big deal anyway? What difference does it make to you? If PageRank was all that mattered, then every result of a search would result in a page 1 full 'PR 10's.

So, what good is Google's PageRank then?

  1. It gives you an indication of how well your backlinking is
  2. The biggest difference it can make to you is to give you bargainning power
But before you set off, you might want to wait a tiny bit longer as some thing that the update is still in progress. You wouldn't want to undersell (or oversell your pages) is their PageRank suddenly changes.

What ever your PageRank, remember to try to get good links - for 'good links ' read 'the more relevant links the better'.

Roll on another quarter. And another Google PageRank Update.