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The Key To Success Of A Website!

Marketing your goods or services through the web can be a complete waste of time If you don't know how to do it properly. How many sites have you stumbled upon that look like crap, have a Google PageRank of 2 or less, have features that don’t work, images that are broken, links that lead to no where… Even when a site like that manages to somehow win a search ranking, nobody would buy anything from a site like that.

So, the first step to search engine marketing is to have a professional looking site that people feel comfortable shopping on. Its not a big problem or task to that but making your site attractive to search engines is huge. Search engines don’t like bad code, or code that doesn’t validate. They don’t like question marks in URLs. They don’t like frames. They don’t like a lot of things, and knowing what those are and avoiding them will make the difference in whether the search engines even pay attention to your site, much less rank them highly.

Once you’ve gotten the search engines attention, you have to earn their respect. For this, you need content. Single page, or brochure sites, just don’t cut it anymore. You need to say something about your website, your product, your service, or your industry. You need pictures, videos, sound clips or music, and words. Lots of words. But the words should be related to the keywords you’re trying to win searches for. Posting four or five times to a blog every week is must to make search engines believe that you deserve to be an authority in your industry. Over time, this kind of commitment creates a lot of content, and content is still King.

Finally, you need to prove to the search engines that your site is well liked by other people too. Popular sites have links to them. Lots of links from quality sites and this is the key, especially to Google. If your content is worth able your site automatically get links and you don't need to do all that link building stuff later. All you need is just a good design and REALLY GOOD CONTENT. create a post that people like to linked to, after making a post ask yourself is this article deserves to be mentioned on a blog? If satisfied; post it on some social bookmark sites liek digg, del.icio.us, stumble, etc. If your post is really good than you will be able to see results from next day. So start thinking about ideas for the next Great Post!

Good Luck and Happy Weekend!


Yahoo Is On Move Again!

And Yes, Yahoo is now on move again. According to Sharad Verma Of Yahoo! Search they are rolling out some new features added in their algorithm to rank websites in next coming days. SO be ready to see some changes in your yahoo rankings.

Plus Yahoo announces support for X robot tags in http headers for no index, noindex, nofollow and nosnippet functions. Previously you can use these tags within html only but from now on you can use it in http header which gives you more flexibility to achieve exclusions on PDF, Word documents, PowerPoint, video, and other file types including html files. Here are some examples of using X robot Tags given by yahoo:

  • X-Robots-Tag: NOINDEX -- If you don't want to show the URL in the Yahoo! Search results.
Note: We'll still need to crawl the page to see and apply the tag, so if you don't wish to have the page crawled, use robots disallow on robots.txt.
  • X-Robots-Tag: NOARCHIVE -- If you don't want to display cache link in the search results page.
  • X-Robots-Tag: NOSNIPPET -- If you don't want to display summary in the search results page.
  • X-Robots-Tag: NOFOLLOW -- If you don't want Yahoo! to crawl links in the page.

You can read full story here LINK


Most Popular Searches At Google - Yahoo And Some Predcitions!

In past two days both Google and Yahoo has announced the most popluar searches. Both Search engines have separate criteria for selecting the most popular searches.

According To yahoo
"To come up with the Top Trends of 2007, we analyze search queries based on a number of factors, including absolute volume and growth versus previous periods, to see which themes and trends bubble to the surface. And of course, individual users and their searches remain anonymous."

Here are the top searches in yahoo for 2007. They like it in a categorized way LINK


Since Google prefer the Video Way, here are the Google Top Searches as per TechCrunch. You can watch VP of Search and User Experience Marissa Mayer Of Google revealed the “fastest rising U.S. search terms” here. LINK
1. iphone
2. webkinz
3. tmz
4. transformers
5. youtube
6. club penguin
7. myspace
8. heroes
9. facebook
10. anna nicole smith


And here are some Predictions that were made for 2007. Compare them with those trends by yahoo and Google and look for yourself how interesting it is

2007 Predictions by Mashable LINK
2007 Predictions by ReadWriteWeb LINK


Monday Seo Tool

TOOL CATEGORY: Searching Google/Research Welcome to Today's .... Monday SEO Tools!

Now you don't need to remeber those especial queies to find something specific in Google. The FindForward Tool aka Uber Engine is a search tool/search engine based on Google APi that allows you to refine results based on whether your search is a question, a file, date related, wether you want blog/non-blog results and many more options. A very kool feature is the search of the Dmoz directory - results are complete with thumbnails of the various sites. Find Forward also includes a nice meta-search feature. Here is the screen shot of Fastforward

Find Forward

Tool URL = FastForward Search Tool


Free .Edu And .Gov Links

Ok so continuing our hunt for .edu and .gov links, What? you wanna know WHY Read here

Importance Of .Edu And .Gov Links
Tips To Get Free .edu And .gov Links

Here is another great way to get some free edu and gov links for your website or blog.

“Your keyword” “powered by wordpress” site:.edu
“Your keyword “ “powered by vBulletin” site:.edu\
“Your keyword” “powered by wordpress” site:.edu
“Your keyword “ “powered by vBulletin” site:.edu

Via these search queries you can find all blogs powered by wordpress and forums powered by vbullitien, using .edu or .gov domain. You can be creative (yes you can.. cheer up dude) by modifiynf the platform like instead of vbulletin you can use phpbb.

So start testing your searching skills and get your website or blog some Authoritative Link Love. And remember ... DONT SPAM Please.

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Cartoon Time!

Yup SEOz Like Cartoons too

Most Searched Keyword

There are some really kool seo cartoons at seotoons blog. Go take a laugh, you need it man LINK


Monday SEO Tool

TOOL CATEGORY: Blogging / Keyword Research

Ever got stuck in a situation where you are unable to find a topic for your blog? If yes then cheer up, here is a unique yet efective tool to solve your problem.

Its a wiki based tool known as Chain Of Thoughts. All you need to enter a single topic and it will expand the topic in various related sub topics. On clicking a subtopic it will gives you some info about that topic if availablw and if not than that subtopic will expand in more sub topics and so on. Another good hing bout this tool is its availablity in different languages. You can also use this tool in your keyword research. Here is teh screens hot of the tool.

Chain Of Thought

Tool URL = Chain Of Thoughts


100$ For Nothing - Thanks To Google Paid Link Campaign!

I am expecting this to come sooner or later and it seems that the time has come. A great article or story or whateva you wanna call it(hey what about CASE STUDY ) by FANTOMASTER in which he tell about how a blogger got 100$ for nothing..yes literally for nothing.

So the story is.... sometime ago a blogger named as Khamnam Robinsun posted a paid review about Shopzilla at his blog telling all the readers how much cool is this website is..of course for a little sum of money. Then on a sunny bright day Google decalre war against Paid Links and Reviews and against anything that have Paid label with it. Many blogs and websites got hurt in this war and this makes other to think about their paid campaigns. So after thinking (yeah sure they did) over this issue Shopzilla tries to bribe KHAMNAM for removing their paid review and since Khamnam is certainly not a gentle man, he accepts it. So folks he got 100 $ for removing a link from his blog for real.

And not only Khamnam, another female SEO/Blogger named Miche May Lee(why we are crazy about them BTW ) reports that same thing happened to her too.

So after this Fantomaster put a link of Shopzilla over his blog in hope to get some free 100 $. Till now it is unknown whether he got the money for his cute experiment. If he got the money...then All the big fishes... be prepared ..I am next

Here you can read the original article at Fantomaster Blog(LINK )

And here is that lucky chap(LINK)

So... will someone please tell me the big Fishes names and their urls.


Free .edu And .gov Links

Continuing the hunt for .edu links. Here is the 2nd tip to get free edu and gov links. You can read the previous tip here: GET FREE EDU LINK

Type the following query in any search engine to get some .EDU and .GOV links

blog + .gov
blog + .edu

You will get all the blogs that uses either .gov or .edu domain. Read them and if find any relevant blog post, comment on it and put a related url in your comments.

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Future Of Google

Aren't we all concerned about the future of Google? Since Images are more powerful than text (Did someone says Content is king?), thats why presenting you the future of Google in the form of an image. I am pretty sure you all will become more concerned about the issue after viewing this.

Future Of Google


Msn Link: Command Is Live Again!

Reported earlier by SEOROUNDTABLE that finally MSN/Live.com search engine starts showing result for LINK: command to count backlinks in MSN Live Search Engine. Though the operator is a bit different than the previous simple link: command

For a link command you now need to use +link:www.xyz.com and for a link domain command you need to use +linkdomain:http://www.XYZ.com

Its working at the time of writing this post, so I don't need to give you evidence by providing screen captures, but if you want you can go to seoroundtable where Rusty Brick got some screen shots while using this command.

As for your memory refresher, MSN stops this feature earlier in March thss year cause of mass automated usage. But now its back for us ..the SEOZ.


Monday SEO Tool


This Monday Tool is regarding blogs and fall into the category of Link Building spamming. Since almost all the blogs and websites that accepts content from users are using NOFOLLOW TAG, So putting your website url in such blogs is useless according to some SEOz. Since every problem has a solution, So after searching for a long time, I finally succeeded to find a tool through which I can search all the relevant blogs that are not using NOFOLLOW Tag.

Commenthunt is a blog search tool that allows user to search relevant blogs that are not using NOFOLLOW Tag. Its a custom Google search engine basically and consist of more than 1000 DOFOLLOW blogs of different niches. So to whatever niche your blog is related to, this tool is for you. Instead of wasting your time in commenting on the blogs which uses NOFOLLOW, why not utilize this practice to get some links for your blog! Here is the screen shot of Commenthunt.com


TOOL URL= Commenthunt Blog Search Engine


Google Adsense Is Down

Just went to log in and check Google AdSense and what i forund there is that Google Adsense is temporarily down. On Saturday, 10 November 2007 at 6:36 p.m. GMT. Interestingly Google is showing Temporarily Unavailable message in 23 different languages. Here is a screen shot of Google Adsense Down. Even the logo of Google Adsense is not showing.

Google Adsense Down

Search Engine Marketing OR Search Engine Optimization

According to wikipedia

Marketing is a social process which satisfies consumers' wants. The term includes advertising, distribution and selling of a product or service. It is also concerned with anticipating the customers' future needs and wants, often through market research.

Basically marketing is the wide range of activities that involved in the process of continuing to meet the needs of your customers and getting appropriate value in return.

According to wikipedia, the definition of search engine marketing or SEM is

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in the Search Engine result pages (SERPs). SEM methods include: Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), paid placement, and paid inclusion.

In general, Search engine marketing (SEM) refers all the activities that you, or the company assisting you, might do to improve your online visibility.

Then what's the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search engine optimization refers to process of making your site work in compliance with the current ranking algorithm standards of search engines to rank high. SEO is a part Of SEM that only includes organic aka Free ways to increase ranking in search engines whereas SEM involves in free as well as Paid ways to do the same job.

So which one is best to chose SEM or SEO?

If you have enough free time i.e. you are not in hurry to gain visitors and ranking than you can go with SEO but if you want results in short period of time than you better go to SEM.

Although SEO and SEM serves almost the same purpose, it is always recommended to have both working for you to achieve maximum results.


Google Guy Tips And Formula For Top Ranking

Yes you can get some useful tips from a forum too. Some days ago answering questions in a forum, I found a great thread with some really useful tips. Its about tips given by the Google Guy(MATT CUTTS) in different forums to bloggers and webmasters. He gave some simple yet highly effective tips to get some good ranking in Google. Google is always changing its opinions but some things will always remain the same.These are the recommendation that has been given by Google Guy(MATT CUTTS) on several occasions.

SEO Graph

ADD CONTENT Add, add, add.
Google loves it, and your visitors will love it.
Assure it is quality content though. You are looking for quality over quantity here.
Sure, you can turn out 5 mediocre articles in the time it takes to write one excellent article.
However, once that excellent article is on your site, people will bookmark your page and recommend you to friends and online contacts.

KEEP YOUR PAGES SMALL Aim for between 5K and 10K.
Many of your visitors will still be using dial-up connections.
Don't alienate these visitors by building pages that load slowly.

USE KEYWORD IN FOLLOWING WAY Once in the title, once in the description tag, once in the heading, once in the url, once in bold, once in italic and once high on the page.
Don't aim for misspelled keywords.
The search engines are getting smarter and now often correct spelling mistakes as people search for them.

CREATE LINKS FORM ONE PAGE TO OTHER PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE = INTERNAL LINKING In this way, you even-out the entire Page Rank of your website, as opposed to having one page which ranks very highly and other pages which don't.
So, for example, if when writing one article, you mention a point which is covered in more detail in another article, link to that article.
Use the keyword for the other article in the link.

If you are using your website to promote your off-line business, don't just put up an online flyer.

Provide your visitors with information that they can use, not just information about you and your company.
Unless they are specifically looking for information about you, they will click away from your site.

So conclusively, after reading the above material we can drive the following formula for good ranking in Google SERP's. Good Content + Good Links = Good SERP's


Poll Result - Best Link Building Source To Get Higher Ranking

Today announcing the result of our online Poll about the Best Link Building Source To get Higher Ranking. And guess what! Link Exchange emerged as the winner.

We got total 37 Votes, among which

  • 15 Votes for Link Exchange
  • 6 Votes for Blog Submission
  • 4 Votes for Article Submission
  • 11 Votes for Directory Submission
  • 1 Vote for Other Source
As you can see People still prefer Link Exchange as the best link building practise to get higher rankings in Search Engine.

Link Exchange is a popular practice of building links but it should be done carefully cause Google has declared this Practice a bit sensitive. This is due to large amount of irrelevant link exchanging going on. So as you people suggest Link Exchange is the best source (as voted by you) of Link Building to get higher rankings, here are some ways to get some relevant links for your website or blog with the help of Search Engine.

Link Exchange Tips

Thanks to all of you who vote and participate in Poll. Hope top see you all in the next poll too.


Google Page Rank Update And Paid Links

What is a Paid Link or Paid Inclusion?

"Paid inclusion is a search engine marketing model in which Web site owners pay a search engine company to guarantee their sites will show up in search results."

But then this definition changed when this process of buying links spreads from search engines to individually run websites and blogs. Companies started preferring to have their links shown on a blog having higher visitors or Page Rank with more visibility i.e. having a small banner on side bars of a web page or a banner at the end of the article.

Now according to Page Rank Theory, each web page having some Page Rank pass its juice equally to the links placed on that page. Someone then publish a theory that High Page Rank is effecting your ranking in Google SERP's.

After this a new era of paid linking starts. People start placing their adds on the webpages having high Page Rank.

seo blog - google paid link war

This situation alert Google About its Paid Link Program known as AdWords and it start yelling that Paid Links are spam and they should be taken down.(According to Google, Adwords doesn't pass Page Rank, but who knows? Yahoo claims the similar thing about its directory, but every one knows that listing in yahoo directory not only got a significant change in Yahoo Search ranking but also a boost in Google Page Rank and Google SERP's). But who don't like to earn? ofcourse people utilizes there energy, money and time and if they are getting ROI cause of it, its their right to have it. So nobody cares about Google Yelling and bloggers and website owners kept showing links on their website or blog for a little sum of money. Many Start-up comes into being for this purpose to connect Link Publishers and companies and earn as a middleman. Of course this is the limit of Google Anger and recently it openly starts penalizing the websites involve in this business and showing who is the boss. It drops the Page Rank of many websites as a starter warning but this could go beyond the Page Rank. Since Page Rank is an important factor when buying links so it fires the blogger world and we have seen some harsh kool comments over Google Policy in previous week. But Google don't have time to reanalyze its policies so it just ignore all of them.

Here are some Google clarification over their Paid Links Policy
  • According to Google co-founder Larry Page, any search result that was paid for should be clearly marked as an ad.
  • Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as:
* Adding a rel="nofollow" attribute to the link
* Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file
  • According to Google, Paid Links are meant to pass the Page Rank to other blogs and thats why they are not good. So we should use rel=nofollow tag on every paid link we have on our blog to stop passing page rank to them.

So, let's see I placed an add on a page with zero page rank with out NOFOLLW. Is Google still penalized me? If we see Google Paid Link Policy than I should not be penalized cause I am not passing any Page Rank but we don't have an answer of this question yet.

Then how can Google know this is Paid Link? A link of my friend's sites without NOFOLLOw in my side bar can be declared As a Paid Link by Google but a paid link in my main article can't even recognize by Google as paid link.

Of course, they can do what they want with their own software. But at least give a clear definition on HOW OR WHAT METHODS THEY ARE USING TO MARK PAID LINKS so we can do some counter. But we only have an official statement from Matt Cutts that

Yes! this Page Rank drop down is due to Paid Links."

A good thing is that, this time Google decided only to give a warning by dropping that green pixels only. Nobody claims about loss of SERPS or ranking on general. SEOMOZ gives a nice data regarding this issue. You will find it really interesting. Take a look here. LINK

BTW Yahoo directory goes from 9 to 7 and Business.com also goes from 8 to 7.


Monday SEO Tool

From today I am Starting a New Section On my Blog named as Monday SEO TOOLS.

Since there are countless tools on internet for various purpose to use in SEO process, its not good to use all of them or use the wrong one for your SEO purpose. I will bring you the best tools of their categories to help you in stop wasting your time by reading list of 50 great tools for keyword research. As many tools you used; the more confused and complicated the processes becomes. So be simple and use max of 5 tools for any category such as keyword suggestion or link back counting. This will not only save your time but also helps you to consume more time in implementing SEO rather than reading stupid articles like this one ;).

So make a new bookmark folder named as SEO TOOLS TO USE to store all the best tools related to SEO.

Are you forgetting Something? How come you know about all these tools? Here is the solution.

SEO Toolkit

TOOL CATEGORY = Competitor Site Analyze
Today's tool, I found some days ago while doing analyzing work for a client. This tool helps you to get the information of web utilities and technologies working behind the website you are visiting or which web 2.0 gadgets a site is using . Its quite a good tool and helps you to determine which technologies are worthful to implement on your blog or website. Here is the screen shot of this website

Web Page Technology Profiler



Its Time To Rebel Against Google!

As many of you read about the recent issue of Search Engine Guide and their Surrender Letter. My opinion is that this issue is more serious than it looks. Of course many of us find this post cool and hilarious but please think again what does it all means?

Do we have no choice anymore?

There is no doubt that if not all than almost all of the blogs, websites, forums etc get most of their traffic via Google Search Engine and dammit!! Google knows it too. So it knows that whatever it decides will be followed by website owners, whether it makes them happy or angry. But THEY HAVE NO CHOICE ANYMORE.

It’s crystal clear now that Google is super power of the internet world. Whatever it decides has to be obeyed, if not, then it means total abandonment by the internet society.

Take an example of Google OpenSocial Platform. It literally taking revenge from Facebook for making a deal with Microsoft rather than the Great Google.

Ever care to wonder about Google Policy?

Introduce something...make users accustomed to it..give them time ...so that they become addicted to it...then implement Google Rules over it.

There remains only two choices...continue with Google Rules and you will no problems, if not, go somewhere else which means no where because Google has monopolized the search engine market, leaving Google currently means suicide for the businesses which are dependant on its searching capabilities.

I think its time we should take Google Free Friday campaigns seriously. If all the SEO's make up their mind on this, than I think its not hard to make Msn or Yahoo or any other search engine as competitive as Google. It is because of us that Google has thrived and we can bring it down too. The entire buzz creator’s are one of us. All the big players are SEO’s. All the authority belongs to us. Only SEO's can change this Google Scenario otherwise no one can, and if we don’t than wait for more terrible things that will eventually come!!

The time to take a decision has come.




It’s up to you. I hope some big players of our industry may take a decision about it.

Happy Weekend!


SEO And Branding

What is a brand?

According To Wikipedia

"A brand includes a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service."
Another simple and complete definition of brand is
"A name that stands for something in the mind of the customer or people."
Branding is not marketing but an integral part of your marketing strategy. Its how you interact with your clients, employees, prospects, vendors and anyone with whom you contact. Branding creates an image of a person or company and according Robin Fisher Roffer..
"if you don't brand yourself, someone else will and You may not like their brand, so best to create your own."
SEO Branding

Now see you too are a brand. What do you stand for? Branding your uniqueness will move you far ahead of your competition.

So How Branding and SEO are related to each other? or How can brand helps you in SEO?

Take an example... If you have a website and you need SEO Service for it, and for this you got two options available. Either Rand Fishkin Of Seomoz do it or some SEO named as SEO Guru do it. Which one you prefer or chose?

Obviously you will chose Rand Fsihkin but the question is why? Cause Rand Fishkin has a name in SEO field. He brand himself in such a good way that he is consider as one of the authority in our field. If he says that stuffing keywords in Meta Tags is necessary for good ranking, No matter what other SEO'z says, but they will start putting keywords in meta tags cause this is said by Rand.

Similarly If you got a name or brand, its easy to get link love and create buzz about it. For example a story about Pepsi will get much more attention as compared to a newly launched soft drink. Cause People know about Pepsi and its human nature that you care about the things you know. More powerful brand you got, more loud buzz you can create. The advantage of this. is the attention you get within a short period of time. And this can be a great factor in SEO process today in fact Social Media Optimization is all about this. To make a buzz as strong as possible.

Let's see ... When people think about reliable automobile, they might think Honda. When they think fast microprocessors, they might think Intel. They got an impression over them of these companies cause of their branding. Branding influence everyone and this is one of the success factor of SEO Gurus. They can make a controversy with just a simple comment.

So its a good thing to start branding yourself. In future Your brand name will definitely helps you in your field. Personnel branding helps you not only in SEO but its good for yourself too to be known as an authority.


Get Free Edu Links!

Ok..As I promise, here comes the 1st part of get .edu links for free.

You may already aware of the fact that .edu, .gov and .mil domains got more attention of search engines than normal .com, .net or other domains.


.edu and .gov domains give so much weighted link love is because they are thought to be trusted, authoritative domains. No matter what mattcuttts says about its only a confusion, we know it and have proof of it.

In various published patent applications and research documents, the search engines themselves have admitted the importance of university sites or government sites cause of the trust factor. Sites having .edu, .gov domain got special search engine attention.

seo blog edu gov links

So now the question is HOW TO GET .EDU LINKS?

Acquiring .edu links are difficult cause most of the .edu sites don't link to commercial websites. One way is to exchange with .edu sites maintain by students or Pay them to place your link on their website. These are the legitimate ways but first one is hard and the second one includes money. Since I said to get free .edu links, so the other ways are

  1. Commenting on .edu or .gov blogs
  2. Participate in .edu or .gov forums
  3. Sign .edu or .gov Guest books
  4. Hack .edu domain website.... just kiddin

So we have three ways remain now and theoretically speaking these three ways counts in Spamming. And since SEO's are good and don't do the bad things so ...?


Do Spam naturally.

Give comments in blogs, but only on related post. In name section put your keyword. And in comment section (if needed) simply put your url but again, only if needed. Same thing applies to forums too. Put your url in your signature and start answering the questions. In this way you are not spamming but building links naturally. So don't spam, but utilize the available sources as good as you can. Place your link naturally and DON'T SPAM please.

Even to do spam you need lot of time to find the source which allows to do so cause many blogs are manually moderated now.

So the first way to get .edu link is...

Type this query in Yahoo: add url + .edu

You will get a list of all the .edu resources which have the option to submit url. You can try it in other search engines as well. But its hard to get .gov links via this way cause I never come across a .gov website giving such option.

Good Luck! Any other way you know? Spread the knowledge..Its far more better than keeping it to yourself only.


The Myth Of NoFollow Tag

Nofollow tag is an automated tag on every blog now and almost on all sites too that accepts user suggestion as comments or via guest book. So what is this tag and what's its purpose?


According To Wikipedia (Yeah wikipedia knows SEO too)
"nofollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index."

According To Google
"When Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results."

nofollow tag look like this

Many webmaster and SEO's believe the wikipedia and Google definition for nofollow tag that is nofollow tag effects a site ranking in Google Search Results. In many seo and webmaster forums we have seen a lot of debate on this issue, which always result in two conclusion. One is of course according to google point of view, that nofollow effect ranking position. But there is also some SEO who believe in somethin else. According to them NOFOLLOW only effects pagerank of a webpage and not ranking.

According to those SEO's
"The new nofollow link tag is supposed to provide webmasters with the opportunity to add a link to their website without leaking PageRank to the page they are linking to."
According to PageRank Theory
All links on a page which have some page rank got equally divided part of that pagerank to them too. This phenomena also known as Page Rank Dilution.
Here is a complete info about Page Rank: Google Page Rank

For example If a page has 4 page rank. And it contains 10 links on it of other websites than these 10 links get equally divide Page Rank Love from that page. This will increase the page rank points of those 10 pages, have their links on that page.

So what is the reality? Which theory is true and which one is false?

And yes! you may not believe it but 2nd theory is true.

It has been experimented by ME (OK I am not giving you any single detail of those experiments for the obvious reason, but sharing with you the proven result. So still I am good) and many other SEO'z too that link with nofollow tag doesn't affect a web page ranking. In fact it may count as a normal link and play its role in enhancing your ranking as number of links increases.

And since nobody caring a damn about Page Rank now days except Google itself, so these nofollow tags are pretty USELESS. For prove, you can analyze backlinks of some sites on 1st page of google and amazed to find that many of them have their links from blogs using nofollow tag. May be you can't see them for highly targeted keywords but remember Google is sorting out result manually for those keywords. Giving you a little common sense hint that if a page has 5 page rank with 100 links pointing to it from other blogs and you have a nofollow link of your website on that page, what do you think your link worth? Or lets have a fun experiment...Find an .edu blog and comment on some post of it. In NAME section put your keyword or simply put your web page url in comment. Since all blogs have nofollow tags installed automatically, so your this link is a nofollow link. After some days you can see this link as your edu backlink and an increase in your website authority.

So I am not advising you to do spam blogs via comments, but to acknowledge you that nofollow tag is only a myth and it doesn't negatively effect your ranking or its only a myth that a link with nofollow tag have no benefit.

So! Happy commenting.

P.S. In upcoming days I will surely post on importance of .edu and .gov links and how to get them. So better subscribe to RSS cause you certainly don't want to be the one left behind.


Free Ways To Increase Blog/Site Visitors

To increase your site ranking or visitors, you have two options.

  1. Pay someone else to do that
  2. Consume Time
But you don’t always need money to increase your website visibility, ranking and visitors; which results in increase in your conversion. There are many free ways to do that. Here is a list of some highly effective free ways to increase your site ranking and visitors.

Increase visitors with SEO

1) Submit Your Site to Directories Directory submission is still means a lot in any link building campaign. Submit your website to quality directories. Here is a detailed article about Directory Submission Tips

2) Request Reciprocal Links Reciprocal linking is a good way to promote your site and its free ;). Make a page on your website or blog offering link exchange service. Remember these key points when doing Link Exchange.

• Always link exchange with sites that are related to your site market.
• Consider the amount of links on the page where your link will be placed
• Number of clicks from homepage to access the page where your link is.
• Use different Titles for link exchange
• Use your internal pages too for link exchange.
• See the site basic data in Google - Index page and Inlinks

Here is a more detailed article on How to get Link Partners: Link Exchange.

3) Write Articles For Others to Use In Their Newsletters
This is a good way to increase visibility of your site. Send your article to different sites and ask them to use it in your news letter and in return ask to remain your link in content.

4) Write Blog
This is the best way to increase your site ranking and visibility. Make a blog and cover all the news related to your industry. You don’t need to always create new content for it. You can use any news related to your market in your blog from other sources and give a link of actuals source in end(with some useless phrase). You have to just blog regularly which ends up in a great link-pot for your main site.

5) Press Releases Whenever you write an article or introduce a new service, announce it via free press release service.

6) Offer Something Free
This is the best thing to increase your site backlinks and visitors at a same time. Offer some free tool, tutorial or service related to your industry. Make a buzz of it through Press Release and social media sites.

7) Forum Participation
Participate in Forums and put your site url in your signature. Don’t spam forums.

8) Submit Your Article In Article Directories Submit your articles in article directories like Ezinearticle. Put 2 to 3 links to your site anchored on your major keywords. Here is the detailed article about keyword suggestion and Analyze.

9) Social Network Sites Participate in social media sites, like Digg, Delecious, Yahoo Answers

10) Submit Your RSS Feed in RSS Directories

11) Use Signature In Email

Always include your website url in signature when sending an email.

Any other free way you know??? Tell us.

Social Media Optimization/Marketing

According To Wikipedia (Yeah its still the best source to get any definition)

“the online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. Popular social mediums include blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs.”

Social Media is a kind of media that empowers people to create content and give them authority to classify the content as good or bad and let them communicate and met with similar minded people.

Social Media Optimization Marketing

Types Of Social Media

  • Blogs
  • Social Networks like Mybloglog, Myspace etc
  • Content Communities or Social Bookmark Sites Example Digg, del.icio.us, Flickr
  • Forums
  • Wikis

Social Media Optimization/Social Media Marketing

According to Wikipedia

“Social media optimization (SMO) is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites.”

Since the theory behind SMO is same that is to drive visitors. It has eased the life of folks that always asking why there site is not getting visitors.

You don’t need to be a professional to do SMO. Any one can do SMO or SMM for there website or blog by sticking to some basic rules.

The main goal you should consider is to increase your visibility and authority. You just need to show your presence that you exist. Brand yourself. Once you get the voice that influence then marketing or gaining exposure for something is not a big problem for you.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when doing Social Media Optimization o rMarketing.

What To Do

  • Join different communities.
  • Add friends
  • Vote and comments on others stories
  • In general Participate
  • Be Gentle


  • Spamming
  • Bulk Messaging(Its annoying dudes)

Social Media Optimization/Marketing Benefits

  • Provide links for your site
  • Provide traffic that has interest in your industry
  • Your Community or page at a social media site serve as an alternate page for your site helping you in ranking for your main website
  • Increase your site visibility

In coming days I will write about top social media sites individually, giving a research data about each site which helps you to get more from social media. So don’t forget to subscribe the feed or you may miss something valuable.



Behavioral Marketing/Targeting And Search Engines!

"Behavioral Targeting is a technique used by online publishers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. The idea is to observe a user’s online behavior anonymously and then serve the most relevant advertisement based on their behavior. Theoretically, this helps advertisers deliver their online advertisement to the users who are most likely to be influenced by them."

In Behavioral marketing, adverts are shown to consumer based on their behavior on Internet, rather than by the content of pages they visit. For example if a person decide to buy a car he start visiting different sites that are dealing in car sales. Many pages are there on a site which have very generic info about cars for instance take example of a pages having info about car history or history of companies manufacturing car. If ads are shown on this page based on the content of that page they are useless to that person. Rather than ads of car prices or car selling websites get more attention by that person. Thus here comes Behavioral marketing, by which advertiser and marketers show ads to person based on his browsing history.

Behavioral Marketing and SEO

Benefits Of Behavioral Marketing
Imagine a user visits a site and does a search for a particular brand of vehicle that you sell. With behavioral marketing, your ads can follow the user around from site to site, increasing the likeliness of him or her clicking your ad. With behaviroal marketing, your ad apears based on content what the user is doing, instead of content od teh page, he is visiting. This results in great improvement in your conversion ratio.

Behavioral Targeting Marketing and SEO

Google has started using Behavioral targeting . All the services Google offering have an option to Personalize, which is basically for that purpose. Google is using this personalized data for Adwords Service. Google had filed two patents for that purpose some time ago in 2005. Here they are

1 = Determining ad targeting information and/or ad creative information using past search queries(LINK)

2 = Results based personalization of advertisements in a search engine(LINK)

Google is naming its Behavioral Marketing as INTENT-BASED cause of privacy issues. Google's ad feature uses referrer information rather than cookies to track user queries.

There was a great buzz in 2006 about Microsoft using Behavioral Targeting. Some time ago Microsoft acquires aQuantive(LINK) for $6 Billion for Behavioral Marketing purpose. aQuantive uses behavioral targeting for showing ads. You can have a little demo of behavioral targeting by using Microsoft AdCenter Lab(LINK) . This make s confirm Microsoft is already in the game or will be in near future.

Now Yahoo moving in this game by recently acquiring ad network company BlueLithium(LINK). BlueLithium is the 5th largest ad network in the US and 2nd largest in the UK with 145 million unique visitors each month. BlueLithium use Behavioral Marketing for showing ads. Its targeting capabilities based on

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Contextual targeting (choose from 16 content channels)
  • Geo targeting
  • Zip code
  • Day part
  • Operating system type

Here is an interesting demo of How Behavioral targeting companies shows ads.. (LINK)

Negative Aspect Of Behavioral Marketing
It obviously raises the privacy concern. Your whole data is open to such companies which can be used negatively too. Example of such thing is release of private data of a user by AOL in 2006. So what do YOU think of this issue? Is it OK or ....


8 Must Have SEO Fire Fox Addons

There are countless add-ons for fire fox commonly known as Firefox extensions on the web. Luckily among these extensions there are many to help us in our SEO Process. Here are the best SEO Fire Fox Extension suggested by most SEOz. If you know any more of those extensions that you think can do some real help in optimization process of a site suggest it via comments and ill add it in the list.


Firebug 1.05
Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.


Save As Image 1.044
Adds the ability to save a page, frame, or part of either as an image. Useful for showing people bugs in a website, creating a snapshot of design progress, or perhaps even creating a gallery of websites. This extension can't capture flash/shockwave content.


SEOpen 0.8
Current SEOpen features are all accessed through right-clicking an open area on a web page or by using the new toolbar; they include: Yahoo Backlinks, Pages in Yahoo Index, Google Backlinks, Google Cache, Pages in Google index, Google Translate to English, Google Related, PageRank Check, MSN Backlinks, Pages in MSN Index, Alexa Overview, Alexa Traffic, Alexa , related Alexa Backlinks, "Mass Check" multiple sources at once, Check DMOZ Inclusion, Keyword Density, Page Size Checker, HTML Validator, Server Header Viewer. Wayback Machine, Check robots.txt, Whois Info


For every site you visit using, SearchStatus lets you view its Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Compete.com ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.


SEO for Firefox
This tool is unique in that it shows SEO data points right in the SERPs! That is very, very cool. Here is a list of what it gathers:

Google PageRank, Yahoo! linkdomain, Yahoo! .edu linkdomain, Yahoo! .edu link, Yahoo! .gov linkdomain, Yahoo! link, del.icio.us bookmarks, Technorati Links, Alexa rank, Google Pages indexed, Cached Page, dmoz link, Bloglines subscriber, Yahoo ditrectory Listing, WhoIs Data.

It also places extra links at the top of the SERP for the following:

Google Trends, SEO Book Keyword Research Tool, Overture View Bid, Google Traffic Estimator, Google Keyword Sandbox.


The Rankquest SEO Toolbar
The Rankquest SEO Toolbar provides you quick access to more than 30 intuitive SEO tools. Once you download and install the SEO Toolbar you are only one or two clicks away from carrying out most of your day to day SEO operations.


LinkChecker 0.6.1
Check webpage links at a glance with simple color coding. Ditch those massive listings of bad links that provide no context and add LinkChecker to your arsenal of web development tools today.


X-Ray 0.8.1
When applied to a page it can help you see how the document was constructed without having to go back and forth between the sourcecode and the page in your browser. Is that list made of li, dd or p elements? Is that an h3 tag or just some bolded text? X-Ray shows you what's beneath the surface of the page


Enjoy the Addons and add in comments if you know other ones that are useful.

firefox internet blog weblog firefox addons


OnPage SEO Factors

The most important On Page optimization techniques include content optimization, the title-tag, several META-Tags, headlines & text decoration, alt- and title-attributes and continuous actualization.
(1) Content Optimization
This is a tough one, because you should of course concentrate on your user and easy readability, but you always have to have an eye on the search engines as well. For your users it's clear what a certain page is about if it's written in the headline, but for search engines it's better to repeat the important keywords several times. So you have to strike the right balance:

  • Concentrate on your users first
    That's what the website is about - you don't sell your products or services to search engines but to people. And if they don't get what you're saying or find it hard to read through your website they very likely hit the back button of their browser and visit your competition.
  • Then modify for search engines
    If you got your text together go over it again and try to get some more keywords and phrases in where they fit and make sense. There is no certain amount or percentage that is best, just make sure to just use them a couple of times. The best ways to avoid using them too often are to use different words and phrases and to create some lists. Lists are always good to bring in some keywords.
(2) TITLE-Tag
It is displayed at the top of your browser and it is also used as the title of your website in the SERPs. Therefore you should take your time and think about the best title for your page. Important aspects of the title-tag:
  1. Give every page of your website its own title and don't use one title for the whole website.
  2. It should contain no more than around 10-12 words.
  3. Think of it as a short ad copy, because that's basically it when users see them on the SERPs.
(3) META-Tags
META-Tags are not as important any more as they used to be. That's basically because people started using them to spam search engines - especially the keyword-tag was heavily used for that. Nevertheless there are still some important META-Tags you should use. The description-tag is probably the most important META-Tag. It is displayed in the SERPs and you should select it as carefully as the title-tag. Important aspects of the description-tag:
  1. Give every page of your website its own description and don't use one description for the whole website.
  2. The description -tag is one of the few meta-tags that still positively influences your website's ranking, so it's good to use your most important keywords in it.
  3. It should contain not more than around 25-30 words.
  4. Think of it as a short ad copy, because that's basically it when users see them on the SERPs.
The NOODP-Tag is quite new and tells the search engines to don't use the title- and description-tags they find if you have an entry at the DMOZ. This is especially helpful of you are not satisfied with the tags there, or you want to change them. Everyone who ever had something to do with changes at the DMOZ knows that we are not talking about days or weeks if it comes to how long that can take.

So if you use the NOODP-Tag you are basically telling the search engines that they must not use the data from DMOZ entry, but instead, use the tags that are currently on your website. It's said that Google may ignore the general NOODP-Tag!

The robots-tag is used to tell the search engines (e.g. spiders or robots) what they shall do with your website. Possible entries are index, follow, noindex and nofollow - whereas index/noindex tells the search engine whether to index the page or not noindex/nofollow tells them to follow the links or not.

(4) Headlines and text decoration
Headlines should not only be used to structure your content and keep it easy to read, but also for SEO reasons. Search engines tend to give headlines between H1, H2, etc tags more relevancy - H1 being the most relevant headline. Just like the headlines also other text decorations can help search engines identify the most important party of your website. Use bold, italic or bold italic to mark some text where it's useful and also try to create some lists with bullets. Everything of course with an eye on your defined keywords and phrases.

(5) TITLE and ALT Attributes
Title - and alt - attributes are used to describe text-links and images. It's not only for search engine reasons you should use them, but also for accessibility. They are shown if you move the mouse over links and images. Besides, the alt-attribute is shown if the image isn't (yet) loaded.

(6) Keep it up-to-date
Search engines always want new content, so feed them! Not only your website will grow automatically if you always add something to it, but also search engines tend to spider your website more often if they always find something new.

Originally BY Martin Muehl : LINK


Google Video Units

Google just announced the availability of Google Video Units. Video Units are the videos from YouTube partners having adds within them. The ads within the video unit are targeted based on a combination of the video content and the publisher’s site content or you can chose the categories. Video units may display two types of ads:

  • Text overlay ads, which are displayed in the bottom 20% of the video as it plays
  • Companion ads, which appear above the video content within the player
The ads displayed can be either contextually targeted or site-targeted, and may be paid on either a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions basis. The new video units are customizable and look better than the standard YouTube player.

Google Video Unit

Google has previously begun placing video ads on sites that are part of the AdSense network and YouTube too has been experimented recently to test ads that played during the video, its first time that Google offering to blend ads with YouTube content.

Here is the official press release by Google. LINK
And On Adsense Blog. LINK


Links Vault - Getting Links That Helps Your Site

These Queries are originally given by Rand Fishkin at seomoz blog entitled as LONG LIST OF LINK SEARCHES.

I am posting its most important queries again cause of its extreme importance and value in link building campaign. Some tools are also include, which helps to automate these queries.

Taking keyword example of "website design"

Directory Search Terms

* website design directory
* intitle:directory "website design "
* inurl:directory "website design "
* website design directory
* website design * directory
* directory * website design
* website design catalog (this term ranges in value and may not have much here)
* website design catalog
* "list of website designing sites"
* "list * website design"
* "list * website design * sites"
* website design websites
* website design sites
* "website design sites"
* "website design websites"
* "recommended links" website design
* "recommended sites" website design
* "favorite links" website design
* "favorite sites" website design

When submitting to directories rememer these key points.

Directory Submission Guideline

Blog & Forum Searches

* website design forum
* website designing forum
* "website designing forum"
* intitle:forum website designing
* inurl:forum website designing
* website designing blog
* intitle:blog website designing
* inurl:blog website designing
* "add comment" website designing
* "post comment" website designing
* website designing members
* website designing join
* website designing tag
* intitle:tag website designing
* intitle:post website designing
* website designing group
* intitle:group website designing

Submit-Type Searches

* website design "add url"
* website design "add site"
* website design "add website"
* website design "add your site"
* website design "add a url"
* website design "add * url"
* website design "add * site"
* website design "add * website"
* website design "submit url"
* website design "submit site"
* website design "submit website"
* website design "submit your site"
* website design "submit a url"
* website design "submit * url"
* website design "submit * site"
* website design "submit * website"
* website design "suggest url"
* website design "suggest site"
* website design "suggest website"
* website design "suggest your site"
* website design "suggest a url"
* website design "suggest * url"
* website design "suggest * site"
* website design "suggest * website"

Advance Operators
intitle:"website design" inanchor:"website design"
intitle:add+url "website design"
intitle:submit+your+site "website design"
intitle:add+your+site "website design"

For Link Exchange
Use these queries to get Link Exchange Partners for your website



Yahoo Site Explorer - Take top five results from Google and explore those urls
Back Link Watch Tool
Search Social Book Mark Sites Tool
Link Search Tool - Automated Tool For Above Queries

The original post can be found here: LINK

MSN Live Webmaster Portal

So after Google Webmaster Central and Yahoo Site Explorer, SEO'z and webmasters are waiting for something similar from Microsoft and here it is at-last...Live Search Webmaster Portal. It is definitely a good effort from MSN to take SEO seriously. As reporting in their Official Blog, MSN Webmaster Portal initially offers

  • Troubleshooting tools to ensure MSN Bot is effectively crawling and indexing your site
  • Sitemap creation, submission and ping tools
  • Statistics about your website
  • Consolidation of content submission resources
  • New content and community resources

Since its Beta version also not available publicly instead Microsoft invite people to send emails to participate and enjoy that beta version of their webmaster portal. The email is : lswmp@microsoft.com

Here is the original post on Microsoft official blog. LINK


Cloaking - Black Hat?

According to Wikipedia

"Cloaking is a black hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the users' browser."

DAMN! I am writing again a BLACK HAT SEO ARTICLE.

Cloaking is a term used for presenting a different page to human visitor whereas an entirely different page to search engine spiders or bots for the same url. Means the page you find at www.abc.com is entirely different than the page a Search Engine Spider find at www.abc.com

Cloaking is done by cloaking softwares that compare the IP address of the coming request for a webpage to a database of known IP addresses of specific search engine spiders. If the IP address matches one on the list, it serves a page that was specifically written for the search engines and if not than it shows a page made for human visitors. Most cloaking software has all the search engine spiders’ IP addresses indexed plus they are updated regularly.

So where is BLACK HAT In there ?

Ahh! I get it. You can build hundreds of targeted keyword rich pages designed specifically for the search engine spiders, or a link farm having 1000 links pointing to a website( HINT: USE 50 Links pointing to Google.com), while at the same time building a regular page for human visitors so they don't get annoyed. So whenever a search engine spider visits your site, it is detected and sent to your that exclusive pages for them. On the other hand, whenever a human visitor arrives, the software detects that it’s not an IP from a search engine spider, so the human arrives at the non-exclusive such that a regular page.

A cloaking software see that following things when someone comes to a website

  • IP address
  • User-Agent
  • The HTTP_REFERER header
  • The HTTP Accept-Language header

Types Of Cloaking
There are two types of Cloaking

  • User Agent Cloaking
  • IP based Cloaking

User Agent Cloaking
In User Agent Cloaking, the cloaking script compares the User Agent text string which is sent when a page is requested with its list of search engine User Agent names and then serves the approp riate page. enerally, if a search engine spider requests a page, the User-Agent variable contains the name of the search engine. If the cloaking script does not detect the name of a search engine in the User-Agent variable, it assumes that the request has been made by a human being and delivers the page which was designed for human beings.

IP Based Cloaking
This is the more complicated method to do cloaking. It invloves IP address od search engine spiders. When a visitor (a search engine or a human) requests a page, the cloaking script checks the I.P. address of the visitor. If the I.P. address is present in the I.P. database, the cloaking script knows that the visitor is a search engine and delivers the page optimized for that search engine. If the I.P. address is not present in the I.P. database, the cloaking script assumes that a human has requested the page, and delivers the page which is meant for human visitors.

How Search Engine Detects Page Cloaking?

  • If a site using user-agent cloaking method than a search enigne send a spider which does not report a user agent name.
  • If a site using IP Based cloaking method then the search engines can send a spider or bot from a different I.P. address than any I.P. address which it has used previously.
  • A Human representative from search engine. Emm. Well It may be possible

So Is this Technique still have Some Worth?

I don't think so cause now Google don't give importance to number of link but the quality and relevancy of link. So such type of thing now don't work or caught after sometime resulting in that sweet ban in Google.

Here is great visual representation of the whole process of Cloaking.

This image and is from ELLIANCE: LINK. From here you can aslo find some more Visual representation if duifferent SEO Process.

Here is a Fire Fox Extension to change your user agent name to see if a site is claoking or not. Extension

Any suggestion or comments are welcome.

Doctor Google

So Google decided to get in another highly profitable market by announcing(OK.. not announced yet but will shortly) Google Health. A new project to store a patient complete medical history.

This project is codenamed 'WEAVER' and its purpose is to store health information of an individual in a computerized or more specifically in an Online-Way. This will not diagnose an illness of patient but collect patients medical data and let it share with Health Care Service Providers (Hint For Monetize). Ask.com has already introduced a feature Health Smart Answers. Smart Answers shows trusted medical info and appears above the regular result when a search related to some disease or health condition performed. All content and images are provided by Healthline Networks & Revolution Health. Search engine journal reporting here: LINK. Here is an image shot of Ask Smart Answers.

Here are the images in fact FIRST IMAGES Of Google Health by BlogScoped. LINK

And MSN is also planning to come in the Health vector as reported by Marketing Pilgrim Here: LINK

So wait and see when Yahoo decide to participate in the race.

Google Office

So Microsoft is in some real trouble now. Google Docs & Spreadsheets don't hurt Microsoft office seriously, but now its change cause Google combine with Star Office, a professional office suit for business, and offering it free with Google Pack. (Get One Free Here : LINK).

Star office is a fully functional and productive software suite that has enough feature to satisfy a business user needs. Google is targeting Microsoft Office users aggressively to get business users.

According To Google about this deal.

“We partnered with Sun to make a free version of StarOffice available in the Google Pack because we believe that users will benefit from access to a free, full-featured office suite for the desktop. And we’ve also always believed that users should have choice in their online and PC experience.”


Google Penalties And Filters

Some SEO's do not agree that Google uses some special filters to rank a site but many SEO's believe in these filters and also give evidence on the existence of these filters.

The reason behind these filters is still unclear, but most probably they are applied to stop spammy sites and the sites using unethical SEO to get higher positions in Google search engine. These filters are either built in Google Algo or applied time to time individually in case of Google Bomb (simply awesome biggrin )

Google & SEO

Here is a list of known Google Filters and their description.

Google Sand Box Filter
This Filter basically placed on new websites. Due to this filter a new website does not receive high ranking for its major keywords. Sites that are using high competetive keywords affects more by this filter. The reason for this filter is to discourage the spam sites to use spammy techniques to get 1000 links a night for high ranking.

A website can stays in Sand box for one to six months. TO get put from sand box you have to wait and wait.During this time add content to your site and get some quality links.

Google -30 Filter
Google seems to apply the -30 filter to web sites that use spammy SEO methods. These spammy methods include use of invisible text, JavaScript redirects, doorway pages or other spam techniques. If this penalty applies to your website then your rankings will drop by 30 spots.

To get out of this filter immediately remove all spams methods you are using on site and offsite. This filter seems to be automated so after some time of removing spammy things you will see your site again on good ranking.

Google Duplicate Content Filter
This filter is applied to those sites having duplicate or same content. This filter results a drop in your sites index pages or even complete removal of your site except your homepage.

Problem is that If your site is much newer than some other sites who has domain age of two years and they steal your content than You have to suffer from this filter. Its sad but its true.

To get out of this filter use unique meta tags for each page and avoid use of duplicate content.

Google Supplemental Result Filter

Google Domain Age Filter
This filter was set up to give older domains more credibility than the newer ones. If your site is there for longer time duration than your site gets more attention by google.

Google Trust Rank Filter
This filter decide the trust rank for a website, which is determined by the age of domain, quality of inbound links and content of a website.

To increase trust rank of your website get quality backlinks and use natural content.

links.htm Page Filter
This filter apply to pages labeled with LINKS. Many sites has a page for link exchange and mostly they use LINKS in url and title for that page.

To avoid this filter use something else than LINKS for your link exchange page.

Google Omitted Results Filter
This filter applies to the pages Google think may have duplicate content. So instead of showing all these pages, it choose one or two pages from that source and give an option in the end to include omitted results. Google offers the Omitted Results link in shortened queries.

To avoid this filter use CSS to show the unique content first to search engine crawler.

Link Farming Filter
Pages with nothing but list of Links and Links and.. OK .. enough. These pages are created to get more links pointing to a website, but Google now apply a filter on such pages.

Don't participate or place your link on any pages which seems to be a Link Farm.

CO-citation Linking Filter
This filter apply due to your website Outbound Link Structure. If your site has a link on a website that links to automotive sites then according to Google your site will also be relate to automotive.

To avoid such type of Filter Think Before You Link!

Too Many Pages At Once Filter
This filter applied to website have too many pages in a very short period of time. To avoid this filter don't use content generator softwares or stop copying other sites content.

Too Many Links At Once Filter
This filter applies to the site that gets too many links in very short span of time. To avoid this filter don't participate in Link Farms or Any Spammy Get Link Campaign.

Over Optimization Filter
This filter applies to the site using more than required optimization tips. For example stuffing keywords and use them un-naturally or using title tag as keword tag.

To avoid use of this filter be gentle and patient.

Broken Link filter
This filter applies to site having link to pages that doesn't exist whether it is external page or internal page.. Since Google gives special attention to links so this filter badly affect your site ranks.

To avoid this filter don't link to pages that are no longer exist on web.

Google Two Word Keyword Filter
Using two main keywords excessively trigger this filter.

Don't Use same two words in your url, acnhored links

The Network Filter
This filter applies to the network of sites having each other links on their sites. For example you have 5 websites and they all link to each other.

The Hyphen Filter
Having hyphens in your domain name may trigger this filter.

Slow Load Filter
If your site takes too much time to load then spiders dint crawl your site and your pages will be removed from index.

Geography Filter
If you are searching in Google than the sites you get on top ranks are most likely hosted in same country as you are in.

Google Porn Filter
Google is in safe search mode by default. And it wil exclude the sites which it suspect tto be adult sites.

Google Bomb filter
The Google bomb filter seems to be applied to web sites that get too many identical links in a short time period

Alleged Dampening Filter
This filter applies to the incoming links. If you got a link than its not immediately start passing Link Juice but Google apply a dampening filter on that link result in a partial immediate credit.

Here are two good sources from where you can find more info about Google Filters.

Source 1
Source 2

If you know anymore filters or penalties please suggest them.