Supplemental Index

A little Intro....

Supplemental Index From Google's Point Of View

  • Its not an index of bad or penalized websites but its the index of sites that not have the required importance to be listed in main index.
  • Supplemental results are part of Google’s auxiliary index (main results are drawn from the main index) and pages, which appear on the supplemental listing, have “fewer restrictions” than those that appear on the main results page.
  • The supplemental is simply a new Google experiment. As you know we're always trying new and different ways to provide high quality search results," said Google spokesperson Nate Tyler.

Supplemental Index From From SEO's Point Of View

  • Google’s supplemental index is a valley of death, and pages included in this index is rarely included in regular search results.
  • The Google Supplemental index is where they put web pages with little trust and they aren’t going to rank for anything important.

Google Supplemental Index


Umm well, If its not a bad thing(as per Google) its definitely not a good thing. You have your site in supplemental index cause your site is not that much important to get listed in main index. Isn't it enough to explain that supplemental index is not a place for your website to get a little make over before going to main index but its a place where your web page Rest in Piece and moreover it may affect your website negatively too.

To Get Out From Supplemental Index

  • Give each page a unique title, meta description.
  • Unique Content
  • Links from some older domains
  • Links for internal pages

How To View Your Supplemental Results *** -sljktf **** -asssdsd

Update: Ok this query is no longer giving supplemental result for your website. Here is a great tool that by SiteMost that will show all of your pages that are in supplemental index.

Google Supplemental Results Tool
Update: You can also view your supplemental result through this query. Its working. ~s

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