Ok. First we see a great step from, launching of Ask Eraser that allow users to erase their search history, and then Google at last reducing their cookie expiration period from 2038 to 18 months. Now yahoo and Microsoft also comin with same steps towards Privacy Protection. According to Wall Street Journal, Yahoo will announce in coming days, plans for a policy to make all of a user’s search data anonymous within 13 months of receiving it.

Msn is an step ahead from yahoo and officially announce a privacy policy on 22nd July, according to which

Microsoft® Windows Live™ users can make search query data anonymous after 18 months by permanently removing cookie IDs, the entire IP address and other identifiers from search terms. Microsoft will also work to give customers more control over what information it uses to personalize their online search experience.

Moreover Microsoft also announce that

Microsoft will join the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) later this year when it begins to offer third-party ad serving broadly.

Microsoft Press Release

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