Yahoo Suggest Feature

A Little Intro….

So the hot buzz in SEO world is about new feature in Yahoo. Suggest Feature

Now when You types something in search box yahoo will show some suggestion related to text that you type in in a drop-down box.

Its not a new feature. Google has this feature with suggestion limit to one; named as DID YOU MEAN. Plus Google has a product for this in its lab too named as Google Suggest.

Here is a screen shot of both searches

Yahoo Search Screen Shot

Yahoo Suggest

Google Suggest Screen Shot

Google Suggest

But there is something more …. if you go to Yahoo Search Engine(search.yahoo.com) only its not showing this feature however if you do a search from main page of yahoo you will see that feature. Has anyone else noted that too? Take a look at that

Yahoo Search
Anyone else noted something more? Please share with us.

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