Google-Yahoo-Msn Ranking Factors

How to get your site in top rankings in Search Engines?

you have heard that question very often in SEO Forums. But No one has a correct answer or a Secret Way (Black Hat SEO's claims they have).


Its simple. There isn't one.

Search Engine Optimization is not a one day or one week or one month or(OK.. Enough) process. Its a continuous process that requires regular attention and working. But still some sites got top ranking in such a short period.


The answer for that question is they optimize their sites and follow all the guidelines created by search engines to be on top results.

What are they then?

That's the question which can lead you to the actual process or way for getting top ranks for your website. After long experiments, observations and extensive researches by SEO's (Like Me); it has been noted that each search engine give priority to something (SEO Related of course). This something would either be On-page factor or Off-page factor or even both.

So what are these?(Sometimes questions change your life but damn they annoy when you ask something which is just coming next)

Here are some factors of major search engines, that SEO'S believe will help your site to rank high if you pay a little more attention to them. Tweak them and optimize them but most important thing for any Optimization process is to watch closely its results.

Starting with the big one ..



It has been said that Google consider almost 100 factors when ranking a website. Many of these 100 factors are actually same for example PR is a factor then inbound links is another factor but inbound links is also a factor of PR so it get counts again.

1. It is believed by many of the experts that Google gives more importance to a site that Google finds on its own.
2. Get Listed in The Major Directories
3. Incoming links - Quality + Quantity
4. Keyword in URL, Meta Tags, Titles
5. Freshness of Site, Pages (If Your Industry demand)
6. Incoming Text Link Keywords
7. CTR - Click Through Rate - How may clicks your site getting - CTR may now be monitored through cache, temporary files, bookmarks and favorites via the Google toolbar or desktop tools. Many have suspected for some time that sites are rewarded for good CTR with a raise in ranking
8. Content - First Paragraph and last paragraph plus bold or italic words get more attention.
9. Keywords placements - in h2 - h6 tags, title tag, in bold or italic, in image alt attributes
10. Synonym keyword density / use
11. Size of the site
12. Blogs
13. Google Bounce Factor - How much time a visitor is on your website
14. Google Analytics Data effect ranking
15. Links from .edu and .gov sites
16. Hyphens in URLs
17. Domain Age



1. Relevant Content
2. Keyword Density - high
3. Inbound Links - Quality
4. Anchor Text Within Content
5. Aging
6. Title tag
7. Click Popularity
8. Site-wide linking
9. On Page Factors

MSN Live Search


1. Keyword Density
2. Keywords in Title
3. Keywords Used In Incoming Links To Your Site
4. Keywords in bold


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