Negative SEO

A Little Intro….

Negative SEO, the term you might heard more recently with a different meaning & approaches from different authors or bloggers(Ok SEO’s….what’s the big deal then). It’s basically the process to manipulate the search engine rankings by non-fare methods. Its not legal from search engines point of view so when you get caught you have to pay high for your this little adventure. But now we got a more suitable use of such techniques and that is to get your competitors site down (Its fun by the way)biggrin. But HOW?

Black Hat SEO

Well its like pretty simple. Here are SEO (OK…MY) suggestion how to do it.

NOTE: This content is provided is for educational purpose only

1 - Make some blogs on free blog hosts. Stuff them wid keywords, put your competitors link on those keywords. Start submitting those blogs to different places where you see a chance that they get crawled by search engines. Put all bad keywords like POKER, GAMBLING, ***(what is that three character word your mother don’t want to hear from your mouth..GUESS) etc.

2 - Start posting in forums like freak. Submit your competitors link in different forums … use their links in your signature.

3 - Make a free web page(there are many that offer). Put some bad stuff on that… OK naughty stuff what I mean….. you got it anyway. Don’t You ? Put on each picture/word, link of your competitors plus put your competitors link on related keywords.

4 - Remember one thing - Your competitor is too reading this article.

5 - Don’t try this in presence of your BOSS.

Now come to some serious stuff… Is It really put some bad effect on your competitors ranking? If it is then we don’t have to waste our time on ranking our site. We should start de-ranking our competitors site which results in eventually rise in ranking of your site(SEE How smart I AM)biggrin.

And If it don’t. Why the hell I write this post then cry

Let me know your comments and suggestions.

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