Google And Squidoo

A Little Intro…. was launched in late 2005 in beta mode and publicly in March ‘06. by Seth Godin. According to Seth Godin purpose of squidoo lens is…

“Everyone is an expert, and Squidoo helps them to share with the world.”

Seth launch a book (e-book) about squidoo lens and Within just a few hours of the e-book’s release, there were more than a hundred blog posts about Squidoo. There is a ranking system on squidoo too which rank lenses and top 100 lenses are displays on main page of each category. They use an algorithm for ranking the lens that consider inbound traffic, Click-Through rates, rank ratings by other users and also its link popularity.

Some Facts About Squidoo…

  • Alexa Rank is 518 See Here (Many people think that Alexa Rank is nothing but it can still impress the people who don’t know what’s what plus if you sell something or want to have ads on your blog than its imp)

  • It gots seventy-five thousand members (According to Seth)
  • It get mentioned on Technorati every minute or two (that’s too According To Seth)
  • Its Revenue sharing
  • They got some link love with Google (stated in their faq section too)

Ok Enough.

Many people have seen an unstated Love-Affair between Google and Squidoo lenses. In the FAQ section of Squidoo they tell about their link loveabilty with search engines referring specifically Google…

“Lenses have huge credibility with search engines, so your lens can help your other sites rise to the top of Google searches.”

And yes it IS was right, take example of laptop bags lens. If you search in Google… laptops bags, the website that ranks on number one IS was a Squidoo lens.

But it is not any more now.

Posted Yesterday on many blogs even on Squidoo blog too that Google is fedup of squidoo (one day it will be from wikipedia too). All Lenses that ranks high on Google have been removed or even disappears from results.

The reason (assumed) for this is one and only SPAM. It is estimated that 80% of the lenses on Squidoo are probably spam and ranked amazingly well in Google without any(Ok…with only a little) effort. Therefore Squidoo takes some measurements to track Spammers or spam blogs but its too late now.

So is the Google Squidoo love is over? If it is then why I made a lens on squidoo cry

Note:I really appreciate some info about lenses that ranks high in Google but not anymore.

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