Image Optimization

mage optimization is significant to search engine optimization. It is the process of making graphic arts ready for a website. Image optimization services as part of SEO Process. Image optimization consist of strategies to make your graphics search engine friendly. This includes optimize your image file for maximum speed, editing, sharpened, condensed and cropped for quality. A well optimized image reduces the time required to download web pages.

image optimization

The image optimization process involves:

Image selection
Size determination
Defining length and width of image
Alt-tag (alternate text) generation

Alt tag increases your website’s chance of getting top ranking in leading search engines. aming of image file and content of the alt tag is also important in image optimization. Making file names related to your web page content and include appropriate keywords in image file name is alo consider in image optimization.


isol said...

As far as I can tell, all of these image SEO tips & tricks are necessary for good image ranking.

kevin said...

good post .like same also applicable for blog or not????

SEO Services said...

Nice Posting. According to me the best way is alt tag for promoting images but today I learns other thing is well thanx for shering with us.