14 Things To Consider Before Hire An SEO Consultant

So at last you have decided to hire an SEO Consultant to get your site rank higher in search engines. Before choosing a consultant

carefully check that is your consultant i mean your website seo consultant posses the following qualities or not.

  1. Is he smart? If he is not then don't even bother to look at him/her. cause If consultant is not smart you don't want to sit with her/him which result in lack of discussion and finally you got no info about your site rank and position.
  2. Is he fat? If he is then also don't look at him.
  3. Can he handle children's when they are crying. Umm well why not?
  4. Is he available at 3:00 AM at night to update a sentence which you think must be in article.

These are the basics ... you can increase as per your wish and needs.

Now what you ask from your consultant is your right and he should answer all of your questions without giving you that special Look. Since you are paying money you should ask questions because asking questions is the basic sign of a bright student.

  1. After every hour ask him how much site rank increase.
  2. Wake him up at 3:00 in morning and ask him to update cause thats the best time to do optimization.
  3. Put as much flash as you want in your website and don't listen to him that it will damage your site ranking.
  4. Ask him to put all important data on homepage. for example contact us , address, motto etc.
  5. Ask him to use that fancy fonts.
  6. Ask him to make a side bar and put all important keyword in it cause visitor will see those words through which they can find your website.
  7. Ask him to spent 4 hours on optimizing Meta Tag cause your friend told you once its important.
  8. Ask him not to analyze competitors site cause you want to play FAIR.
  9. Ask him to put your picture on site homepage cause people should know whose site is this.
  10. Last but not least don't pay him cause your site de-rank after some weeks.

You are free to suggest all the other important qualities and requirements you think should be added in this list via comments

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