Doctor Google

So Google decided to get in another highly profitable market by announcing(OK.. not announced yet but will shortly) Google Health. A new project to store a patient complete medical history.

This project is codenamed 'WEAVER' and its purpose is to store health information of an individual in a computerized or more specifically in an Online-Way. This will not diagnose an illness of patient but collect patients medical data and let it share with Health Care Service Providers (Hint For Monetize). has already introduced a feature Health Smart Answers. Smart Answers shows trusted medical info and appears above the regular result when a search related to some disease or health condition performed. All content and images are provided by Healthline Networks & Revolution Health. Search engine journal reporting here: LINK. Here is an image shot of Ask Smart Answers.

Here are the images in fact FIRST IMAGES Of Google Health by BlogScoped. LINK

And MSN is also planning to come in the Health vector as reported by Marketing Pilgrim Here: LINK

So wait and see when Yahoo decide to participate in the race.

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Rick Merrill said...

A lot of us senior citizens can hardly wait for google health to open for all.