Google Video Units

Google just announced the availability of Google Video Units. Video Units are the videos from YouTube partners having adds within them. The ads within the video unit are targeted based on a combination of the video content and the publisher’s site content or you can chose the categories. Video units may display two types of ads:

  • Text overlay ads, which are displayed in the bottom 20% of the video as it plays
  • Companion ads, which appear above the video content within the player
The ads displayed can be either contextually targeted or site-targeted, and may be paid on either a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions basis. The new video units are customizable and look better than the standard YouTube player.

Google Video Unit

Google has previously begun placing video ads on sites that are part of the AdSense network and YouTube too has been experimented recently to test ads that played during the video, its first time that Google offering to blend ads with YouTube content.

Here is the official press release by Google. LINK
And On Adsense Blog. LINK

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