SEO And Branding

What is a brand?

According To Wikipedia

"A brand includes a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service."
Another simple and complete definition of brand is
"A name that stands for something in the mind of the customer or people."
Branding is not marketing but an integral part of your marketing strategy. Its how you interact with your clients, employees, prospects, vendors and anyone with whom you contact. Branding creates an image of a person or company and according Robin Fisher Roffer..
"if you don't brand yourself, someone else will and You may not like their brand, so best to create your own."
SEO Branding

Now see you too are a brand. What do you stand for? Branding your uniqueness will move you far ahead of your competition.

So How Branding and SEO are related to each other? or How can brand helps you in SEO?

Take an example... If you have a website and you need SEO Service for it, and for this you got two options available. Either Rand Fishkin Of Seomoz do it or some SEO named as SEO Guru do it. Which one you prefer or chose?

Obviously you will chose Rand Fsihkin but the question is why? Cause Rand Fishkin has a name in SEO field. He brand himself in such a good way that he is consider as one of the authority in our field. If he says that stuffing keywords in Meta Tags is necessary for good ranking, No matter what other SEO'z says, but they will start putting keywords in meta tags cause this is said by Rand.

Similarly If you got a name or brand, its easy to get link love and create buzz about it. For example a story about Pepsi will get much more attention as compared to a newly launched soft drink. Cause People know about Pepsi and its human nature that you care about the things you know. More powerful brand you got, more loud buzz you can create. The advantage of this. is the attention you get within a short period of time. And this can be a great factor in SEO process today in fact Social Media Optimization is all about this. To make a buzz as strong as possible.

Let's see ... When people think about reliable automobile, they might think Honda. When they think fast microprocessors, they might think Intel. They got an impression over them of these companies cause of their branding. Branding influence everyone and this is one of the success factor of SEO Gurus. They can make a controversy with just a simple comment.

So its a good thing to start branding yourself. In future Your brand name will definitely helps you in your field. Personnel branding helps you not only in SEO but its good for yourself too to be known as an authority.

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Utah SEO said...

Branding and SEO is quite the dichotomy. It's funny to see the marketing, SEO, and design departments go for each other's throats on each new project. To be honest, I feel it's best to put SEO before branding initially. Once the site is ranked and has surpassed age filters then you can go back and brand accordingly.