Get Free Edu Links!

Ok..As I promise, here comes the 1st part of get .edu links for free.

You may already aware of the fact that .edu, .gov and .mil domains got more attention of search engines than normal .com, .net or other domains.


.edu and .gov domains give so much weighted link love is because they are thought to be trusted, authoritative domains. No matter what mattcuttts says about its only a confusion, we know it and have proof of it.

In various published patent applications and research documents, the search engines themselves have admitted the importance of university sites or government sites cause of the trust factor. Sites having .edu, .gov domain got special search engine attention.

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So now the question is HOW TO GET .EDU LINKS?

Acquiring .edu links are difficult cause most of the .edu sites don't link to commercial websites. One way is to exchange with .edu sites maintain by students or Pay them to place your link on their website. These are the legitimate ways but first one is hard and the second one includes money. Since I said to get free .edu links, so the other ways are

  1. Commenting on .edu or .gov blogs
  2. Participate in .edu or .gov forums
  3. Sign .edu or .gov Guest books
  4. Hack .edu domain website.... just kiddin

So we have three ways remain now and theoretically speaking these three ways counts in Spamming. And since SEO's are good and don't do the bad things so ...?


Do Spam naturally.

Give comments in blogs, but only on related post. In name section put your keyword. And in comment section (if needed) simply put your url but again, only if needed. Same thing applies to forums too. Put your url in your signature and start answering the questions. In this way you are not spamming but building links naturally. So don't spam, but utilize the available sources as good as you can. Place your link naturally and DON'T SPAM please.

Even to do spam you need lot of time to find the source which allows to do so cause many blogs are manually moderated now.

So the first way to get .edu link is...

Type this query in Yahoo: add url + .edu

You will get a list of all the .edu resources which have the option to submit url. You can try it in other search engines as well. But its hard to get .gov links via this way cause I never come across a .gov website giving such option.

Good Luck! Any other way you know? Spread the knowledge..Its far more better than keeping it to yourself only.


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It's really nice but there are some other ways as well, like posting on forums and posting jobs on .edu job and career forums.

what do you think?

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Good post, thanks. I tried to get some edu websites with a form to post the url. Found one but it did not accept the submission. Guess have to look a bit more :)

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