The Key To Success Of A Website!

Marketing your goods or services through the web can be a complete waste of time If you don't know how to do it properly. How many sites have you stumbled upon that look like crap, have a Google PageRank of 2 or less, have features that don’t work, images that are broken, links that lead to no where… Even when a site like that manages to somehow win a search ranking, nobody would buy anything from a site like that.

So, the first step to search engine marketing is to have a professional looking site that people feel comfortable shopping on. Its not a big problem or task to that but making your site attractive to search engines is huge. Search engines don’t like bad code, or code that doesn’t validate. They don’t like question marks in URLs. They don’t like frames. They don’t like a lot of things, and knowing what those are and avoiding them will make the difference in whether the search engines even pay attention to your site, much less rank them highly.

Once you’ve gotten the search engines attention, you have to earn their respect. For this, you need content. Single page, or brochure sites, just don’t cut it anymore. You need to say something about your website, your product, your service, or your industry. You need pictures, videos, sound clips or music, and words. Lots of words. But the words should be related to the keywords you’re trying to win searches for. Posting four or five times to a blog every week is must to make search engines believe that you deserve to be an authority in your industry. Over time, this kind of commitment creates a lot of content, and content is still King.

Finally, you need to prove to the search engines that your site is well liked by other people too. Popular sites have links to them. Lots of links from quality sites and this is the key, especially to Google. If your content is worth able your site automatically get links and you don't need to do all that link building stuff later. All you need is just a good design and REALLY GOOD CONTENT. create a post that people like to linked to, after making a post ask yourself is this article deserves to be mentioned on a blog? If satisfied; post it on some social bookmark sites liek digg,, stumble, etc. If your post is really good than you will be able to see results from next day. So start thinking about ideas for the next Great Post!

Good Luck and Happy Weekend!


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