Yahoo Is On Move Again!

And Yes, Yahoo is now on move again. According to Sharad Verma Of Yahoo! Search they are rolling out some new features added in their algorithm to rank websites in next coming days. SO be ready to see some changes in your yahoo rankings.

Plus Yahoo announces support for X robot tags in http headers for no index, noindex, nofollow and nosnippet functions. Previously you can use these tags within html only but from now on you can use it in http header which gives you more flexibility to achieve exclusions on PDF, Word documents, PowerPoint, video, and other file types including html files. Here are some examples of using X robot Tags given by yahoo:

  • X-Robots-Tag: NOINDEX -- If you don't want to show the URL in the Yahoo! Search results.
Note: We'll still need to crawl the page to see and apply the tag, so if you don't wish to have the page crawled, use robots disallow on robots.txt.
  • X-Robots-Tag: NOARCHIVE -- If you don't want to display cache link in the search results page.
  • X-Robots-Tag: NOSNIPPET -- If you don't want to display summary in the search results page.
  • X-Robots-Tag: NOFOLLOW -- If you don't want Yahoo! to crawl links in the page.

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