Free .Edu And .Gov Links

Ok so continuing our hunt for .edu and .gov links, What? you wanna know WHY Read here

Importance Of .Edu And .Gov Links
Tips To Get Free .edu And .gov Links

Here is another great way to get some free edu and gov links for your website or blog.

“Your keyword” “powered by wordpress”
“Your keyword “ “powered by vBulletin”\
“Your keyword” “powered by wordpress”
“Your keyword “ “powered by vBulletin”

Via these search queries you can find all blogs powered by wordpress and forums powered by vbullitien, using .edu or .gov domain. You can be creative (yes you can.. cheer up dude) by modifiynf the platform like instead of vbulletin you can use phpbb.

So start testing your searching skills and get your website or blog some Authoritative Link Love. And remember ... DONT SPAM Please.

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