Dedicated Servers. Ultimate Website Optimization?

"What has dedicated servers to do with website optimization?" I hear you ask.

Before you read our reasons for using a dedicated server from Lunar Pages , quickly consider the following positives:

  • you have total control over everything related to hosting
  • your website performance won't be affected by others
  • you won't be penalized by what others do
  • you can pay a bit extra to have your server 'managed'
  • you can manage your server yourself using Plesk (Plesk 8.x for Windows / Plesk 8.x for Linux / PLESK Demonstration / Download FREE Copy of Plesk)
  • you have more options & flexibility for each site
  • you can have a dedicated server from around $100 per month.

    On the negative side though:

    • it's expensive if your total hosting charges aren't approaching $100
    • you have to log on to the server and feel comfortable with this
    • you have manage & setup your website(s), mailbox(es), etc
    • you have to understand a bit more about domains and DNS
    • You can choose between Linux & Windows operating system

    Our dedicated server case study:

    We are outside the USA. We use ASP scripting on our websites, but only because we found it easier to start with as we didn't need to install PHP on our PCs all those years ago.

    Anyway about 6 years ago, we found .......

    Read the full article: Dedicated Servers - Our Story

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