Rebranding - if its good enough for Google...

You may have noticed recently that Google has done some rebranding.

Google Favicon

However, not fully as you can see.

The website's favicon.ico (a small icon that shows up next to the URL in a browser's address bar) shows that Google have opted for a lower case 'g' without an enclosing box. But their toolbar still shows the old logo.

On its own, its not a big deal. But when was the last time that you reviewed and/or revised any of your branding? I'm talking about logos, colours or fonts? As a matter of fact, anything that you use consistently for marketing - does it need an update? Is it more than a few years old? Does your printed material branding match your online branding?

If you have not done so, then take a bit of time out to at least review your branding. Depending on the results, make the appropriate chnages - I mean, you don't wear the same outfits for years on end do you?


Shane said...

I think rebranding is great as it keeps your corporate identity fresh but at the same time consumers like consistency.. I think finding the balance between consistency and staying up to date is the real trick.. Also, its easy for Google to do as they are the number one brand in the world, but for smaller businesses you might lose an identity that isn't yet firmly established..

Brian said...

good call on the rebranding i never even noticed it.

Alan Rothstein said...

I did notice this as well. Was this rebranding intentional or did someone screw up?

araƧ kiralama said...

beatiful new favicon :)